Find Your Full Expression


Combining Acrylic Paint Pouring & Reiki

More Than An Art Class … A Healing Experience

Do you see the man looking at the blushing woman in this POUR?
Tidal Pour.jpg
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The Experience

Every POUR Healing Experience is unique. There is healing to be had the very first time you POUR as well as the 100th. You do not need to understand Reiki or have artistic talent. You do not even need to like or enjoy art. All we require is that you are open to receiving healing energy. And show up intent on allowing that kid inside to play and get messy… without repercussions.

What To Expect:

  • A class limited to 6 people

  • Facilitated group chat before and after you POUR to discuss the experience

  • Over two hours of receiving Reiki energy (hands off)

  • Some deep breathing

  • Creation of two 12” x 12” fluid art canvas panels

  • A fun, relaxing, messy good time!

Unique Every Time:

  • The group discussion will be different every time you POUR

  • Your intent for coming, what you would like to release, and willingness to let go will change and grow over time.

  • Your choice in color and amounts of paint will change with each visit.

  • No two POUR panels will ever be the same; they are all one-of-a-kind just like you.

  • The messages potentially found in the POURs will be different each time.

Potential Benefits:

  • Calming, meditative effect on the body

  • Reconditioning old experiences

  • Letting go of low or negative emotions or associations

  • Release of self imposed pressures, expectations, and judgments

  • Safe space to explore discussion and understanding of energy

  • Use of POUR panels for gazing mediation

  • And much, much more…